• 50 years of Telair International GmbH – Bavarian global player celebrates anniversary

    Miesbach – In our anniversary year of 2018, we can look back on a 50-year company history. Our company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of cargo loading and baggage handling systems in aircraft. Since our founding in 1968, we have made a decisive contribution to the development of air cargo systems, and thus to the acceleration of world trade, with our innovations and solutions, such as the so-called "tray mounted Power Drive Units." We celebrated this occasion on a sunny day in the town of Miesbach in Bavaria, along with about 1,500 guests and in the presence of many customers, partners and guests of honor from politics, as well as together with our employees and their families.   Load faster with Telair The time that a plane spends on the ground is lost and is costly. Because it only earns money while it is in the air. Every Weiter lesen
  • Telair Sliding Carpet™ on Norwegian Boeing 737 MAX8

    Norwegian, a leading low cost carrier in Europe, has selected the Sliding Carpet™ baggage & cargo loading system for their new B73MAX fleet. The order includes 100 firm and 100 options for the new Edge™ system, an all carbon fiber system where the weight has been reduced by an amazing 40% over prior system generations. The Sliding Carpet™ system enables an unload and reload process of the aircraft lower holds in 20 minutes, allowing reduced time on the tarmac, providing improved working conditions for the ramp handling staff and increasing operating efficiency.
  • Telair low weight AKH container available

    Based on the successful development of Telair’s AKE LD3 container, the development of the LD3-45 container has been finalized. This container type is exclusively designed for use on the Airbus A320 family of aircraft. With its low tare weight, the unit weighs 50% less than the equivalent unit in full aluminum version. The strength of the unit makes the need for vertical posts obsolete, providing a full width door with excellent loading conditions for baggage handlers. Final certification of the unit is in pending.
  • Cargo communication system STC certified

    To ease fault detection and troubleshooting of cargo systems, a remote maintenance application has been introduced and recently certified. The system is using a GSM module, built into our cargo control system, which automatically transfers information from the aircraft cargo system to a ground station as soon as ground power is applied to the aircraft. This enables the airline to monitor the system performance remotely, assist with trouble shooting and schedule spare parts and manpower in advance of standard maintenance checks.
  • Telair joins Airbus Flight Hour Service program

    In order to ensure optimized operations and highest level of customer satisfaction over the life of the aircraft, Airbus started to offer a complete portfolio of services. Customers are able to select Tailored Support Packages that may include maintenance and repair of components. In support of this strategic and very important Flight Hour Service project, Telair International signed a contract with Airbus to provide dedicated services for components used within the Airbus A330 and A350 lower deck cargo systems. This support strengthens the long lasting and valuable business relationship between Telair and Airbus.
  • Telair hybrid pallet receives EASA STC approval

    The next generation of aircraft pallets, designed exclusively by Telair, received EASA STC approval for use as equivalent to NAS3610 certified pallets. The design uses a stiff hybrid base plate consisting of an aluminum wear sheet on the bottom in combination with fiber reinforced high impact resistant top sheet and a special designed core compressed into a sandwich construction. The units provide reduced weight resulting in improved economics. At specific locations on selected aircraft, the pallet can provide a highly increased load carrying capability.
  • Airbus A330 MRTT sub-system

    For transport of military sized pallets in the lower holds of commercial wide-bodied aircraft, changes have to be made to the lower deck cargo system to fully restrain the specific 108” x 88” military sized pallets. All Airbus A330 production aircraft are equipped with the Telair Advanced Cargo Loading System and the same aircraft is being used to create the A330-200 MRTT version. For this purpose Telair developed a rework kit that adds additional restraints and supporting hardware to allow the transport of military sized pallets while retaining the transport of commercial aircraft pallets. Customer specific options - besides the baseline system – includes configurations for an extra LD3 container position and for accommodating crew rest capability. The first kits have been delivered during Q4, 2015 with an anticipated shipment of four (4) to five (5) kits per year for the coming decade.
  • TELAIR launches new Website.

    Better late than never. TELAIR’s website was outdated and revealed limited information about our business and programs that kept us occupied. With a new website, designed by German IT company Perfect Network GmbH, we strive to provide an information portal which attracts your interest and feeds you on a regular basis with new information.
  • On-site TELAIR engineering support in Toulouse for Beluga XL development

    To support the challenges with the development of a unique, customized, cargo handling system for the Airbus Beluga XL program, a dedicated TELAIR engineering team has been formed. To enhance communication during this development process, two engineers will reside semi-permanent in Toulouse.
  • Volga-Dnepr signs up for 20 additional Boeing 747-8 freighters with TELAIR systems.

    During the 75 Paris Airshow, Volga-Dnepr Group signed a memorandum of understanding with Boeing for a further fleet expansion with 20 additional Boeing 747-8F aircraft. The aircraft will be operated by its scheduled freighter business, AirBridgeCargo Airlines (ABC) and will be equipped with full TELAIR Main and Lower Deck Cargo Systems. The aircraft are scheduled to enter the fleet over the next 7 years.
  • TELAIR selected as Cargo System Supplier for the Beluga XL

    In November 2014, Airbus launched the Beluga XL program to address the transport capacity requirements for the A350 XWB ramp-up and other aircraft production rate increases. The Beluga XL will provide Airbus with an additional 30% air transport capacity. The Beluga XL air transporters are based on the A330 with a distinctive lowered cockpit allowing nose loading of large items. TELAIR has been selected as supplier for the unique Cargo Loading System for the five planned aircraft with a first EIS targeted in 2019.
  • TELAIR delivers 500th Lower Deck Cargo System for Airbus A330-series

    TELAIR delivered the 500th advanced lower deck cargo system to the Airbus fuselage production line in Hamburg. The advanced cargo handling system was introduced on the A330 model aircraft in 2008. Initially as a customer option, later in time as production standard. System number 500 is scheduled for MSN 1648 which means as soon as this aircraft is delivered to the operator, one third of the A330-200 and -300 model aircraft in-service will be equipped with a full TELAIR cargo handling system.
  • Relocation TELAIR repair station Singapore to new facility

    TELAIR’s repair station for the Asian and pacific-rim region, moved from the Loyang business area to the newly developed Seletar Aerospace area in Singapore. The repair facility is part of the Satair Airbus Singapore Centre and provides direct access to spare parts and distribution services.
  • TELAIR provides Centerline Restraint System to Air France

    Heavy or outsized cargo that requires positioning at the centerline of the aircraft is traditionally strapped to the aircraft floor on a commercial cargo aircraft. Strapping requires additional ground-time during the loading and unloading process and occupies as a minimum 50% more space. Air France installed the TELAIR designed Center Line Restraint (CLR) system on two of their Boeing 747-400ERF aircraft, and with this eliminates the need for strapping.
  • TELAIR adds A321 fuselage section to mock-up center

    TELAIR is working continuously on government funded R&D programs related to development of future cargo systems and components. In support of this, the aft section of a decommissioned Airbus A321 aircraft was transported from Bruntingthorpe Airfield in the UK to Miesbach, Germany. Initially this mock-up will be used to present the modularized narrow body cargo system and at a later stage be used for other narrow body cargo system applications.