New range of ULD products with increased load capability

Out of 40 years experience in aircraft cargo loading systems, it was noted standard TSO-C90c certifed ULDs do not match today’s aircraft capabilities.

Dedicated areas on the aircraft can take much higher gross weights but with the industry standard ULDs these higher loads still need to be strapped to the aircraft, increasing turn-around time, increasing loading complexity and reducing capacity. The ULD itself has become the limiting factor.

No more! With extensive testing and use of innovative designs and production technologies, a new range of STC certified pallets have become available under the CAEROe ® product line.

Instead of the standard 18.750 lbs maximum carrying capability for an all aluminum TSO-C90c certified PMC-pallet on a B747 freighter, the CAEROe ® PMC-pallet can be utilized up to 33.332 lbs, almost doubling the capability.

At the same time, weight of the ULD is reduced by up to 22% without compromising unit durability. The robust base plate provides additional stiffness, improved operational performance and is designed for long-life usage.

All CAEROe ® ULDs can be e-enabled with RFID chips that allow automatic tracking of the ULD on-aircraft, on the ramp and within warehouses. This feature also allows for Weight & Balance control check in the aircraft.

TELAIR proves again that performance improvements can be combined with weight reduction