Widebody Training Services

In-house full-size test center

Telair has been the first supplier understanding the need for testing components and system on actual aircraft similar full-size test beds. In our 1.650 m2 (17.760 ft2) cargo system technology center, the following is available:

  • A330/340 lower deck
  • A350 XWB lower deck
  • B777F main deck
  • Future narrow body main and lower deck
  • Logistic warehouse test bed
  • ULD endurance & static test set-up

Various system training programs are supported, in class-room or more effectivley on-aircraft at the operator selected location or on Telair’s mock-up. Specific component repair training is provided at the Telair repair stations.

For Training Services please contact:

Address: Telair International
attn: Mr. Edwin Vos
Zondaghof 9
1335 LB Almere Buiten
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 36 521 3940
Fax: +31 36 521 3941
Email: evos@telair.com