Caero Overview

TELAIR introduces the industry-changing CAEROe ® product line.

The CAEROe ® (read as S-Aero = Zero) product line was developed by combining TELAIR’s 40 years of experience in aircraft cargo loading system design with an industry-leading understanding of static and dynamic load transfer and stress analysis in harsh environments, using fiber reinforced materials in the most effective way.

ULD products

The carefully designed ULDs out of this product line utilize new production technology, along with revolutionary attachment concept, to bring greater operational and life-cycle benefits to the market than currently provided by any other ULD product.

Lower Deck Baggage Containers

The CAEROe ® LD3 containers are so robust, they are provided with doors that can be opened over the full width of the ULD, including the area above the balcony/canted area, providing better loading conditions for baggage handlers as well as improve load-ability of the ULD in robotic load cells.
The stiff hybrid base plate eliminates deformation seen on todays ULD’s. Interlocking joints eliminate rivets or bolts and make ULD repairs easy with minimal tools. Patch repairs allow for panel repairs on the tarmac.
With all this, the CAEROe ® LD3 container provides up to 42% weight saving compared to TSO-C90c certified all aluminum containers, and even up to 15% weight saving compared to the lowest weight LD3 container in the market.

Next-Generation Aircraft Pallets

Dedicated areas on the aircraft can take much higher gross weights but with the industry standard ULDs these higher loads still need to be strapped to the aircraft, increasing turn-around time, increasing loading complexity and reducing capacity. The ULD itself has become the limiting factor.
No more! With extensive testing TELAIR developed a PMC pallet that can be utilized up to33.332 lbs within dedicated areas on the aircraft, almost doubling the capability of an all aluminum TSO-C90c certified PMC-pallet.
At the same time, weight of the ULD is reduced by up to 22% without compromising unit durability. The robust base plate provides additional stiffness, improved operational performance and is designed for long-life usage.

Modular Cargo System

To meet increasing needs for ease of convertability of cargo holds for Narrow Body aircraft, the CAEROe ® Modular Cargo System was developed which uses large, pre-assembled floor modules to create the desired system the operator wishes to use.

The system uses the existing aircraft interfaces as attachment and can be used in pure bulk mode, with pre-installed containerized cargo loading system or designed to work in combination with the Sliding Carpet system.

The simplicity of installation allows for overnight conversion of the cargo holds, reduction of system weight and easy customization to meet operator needs for new build as well as retrofit applications.